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Family Owned and Operated for More than 50 Years!!! 
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Lakeland Water Conditioning & Purification has been family owned and operated for over 50 Years!  Our services include installation of Water Conditioner & Purification Systems, Reverse Osmosis, Arsenic Removal Systems, Softener Salt, Purified Drinking Water, Free Water Testing and more.

Lakeland is the name you can trust!

Lakeland Water Conditioning & Purification
4162 W. Walton Blvd.
Waterford, MI  48329

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Lakeland is Your Source for Water Conditioning & Purification Solutions

Hard minerals can cause scale build-up in pipes, water heaters, and plumbing fixtures.  Scale build-up in water heaters act as an insulator, making water heaters less effective and more expensive to operate.  Hard water can also cause more frequent repairs and premature replacement of other appliances such as dish and clothes washers.

Conditioned water prevents this scale build-up, protects plumbing fixtures and finishes, and increases appliance life.
Let us help you by eliminating scaling, staining, odor, discoloration and bad taste of your water supply at your home and business.  Call today for a free estimate!

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